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What We Do

We are a multi-media production company with a mission. 

We have worked with hundreds of artist across North Texas, shot over 100+ music videos and recorded thousands of songs including rap, indie and r&b genres. Our journey began in North East Texas, inside of a small town "Greenville, Texas". We never had much as far as entertainment and nightlife, but one thing i'm proud to say our small city has to offer is countless amounts of talent. We feel more than anything that there is something magical in the way we believe, and believing in yourself is the first step to success. 

Here at FBF, we strive to provide everyday individuals the opportunity to from dreamer to doer. With affordable services and the right tools to assure our customers they get the best bang for their buck, we take pride in doing thing different. The only way to help artist stay consistent was to build a system that would allow their investments to work for them. 

Our Vision

Our main goal is to offer affordable, high quality content to all artist regardless of experience and budget. Whether you just need content to promote or want something Exclusive to market your new hit single, we strive to make it worth chasing your dreams. For artist we want to connect them with our team of aspiring professionals with a passion for audio/visual music production. For interns, we want to offer a new way to learn; start small, shadow our crew and soak in knowledge. Get a feel for the environment and join the team. 

Models, producers, videographers and designers welcome.

Come Work With Us


  • 30-60 Day probationary period

  • Commission based pay

  • Branding Provided


  • 50-75% OFF

  • 20% discount code

  • Commision Based Pay

  • Perks and Benefits

Open Positions


Learn hands on and get paid. Internships start unpaid during probationary period, and start at $15-20/hr upon hiring. Up to 50% depending on experience and expertise.


Learn hands on and get paid. Internships start unpaid during probationary period, and start at 50% commission upon hiring. Up to 80% depending on experience and expertise.


Become an ambassador and recieve your very own custom code to give your fans a % discount on merchandise and services. Earn commission from sales using your code


  • FREE Monthly Photoshoot

  • Commission Based Pay

  • 50% OFF Merch/Services

  • Music Videos, Commercials, Merch Modeling, Photoshoots etc


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